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Underground Plumbing

Division of Plumbing

In the interest of public health and consumer protection and to assure compliance with the Kentucky State Plumbing Code, the Division of Plumbing is charged by Kentucky Revised Statute Chapter 318 to:

  • Conduct examinations.
  • License master and journeyman plumbers.
  • Review and approve plans for construction on all buildings serving the public, whether they are publicly or privately owned.
  • Issue plumbing construction permits.
  • Inspect installations to assure compliance with the Kentucky State Plumbing Code.
No person, firm or corporation shall construct, install or alter any plumbing without first having procured a plumbing construction permit from the Division of Plumbing. Plumbing permits may be issued to licensed master plumbers or to homeowners for plumbing in their own personal residences. All plumbing work, other than that performed by a homeowner with his/her own permit, must be installed by a licensed journeyman plumber under the supervision of a licensed master plumber.