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Public Protection Cabinet

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Division of Building Codes Enforcement
Building Codes Enforcement Staff

Refer to the territory map for the counties that are served by each field staff inspector. 

Call the office at 502-573-0373 for additional information or to speak with the office staff.

Duane Curry, Director
​Support Staff ​Wendy Davis, Support Supervisor
​Angela Wilkins
Darletha Clark/Plan Log-In
Layhoma Roberts
Marilyn Sutherland
​Technical Advisors/Plan Reviewers Winnie Blythe, Technical Advisor
Carey Graham
​Jeff Hogan
Keith Ramsay
​Kevin Carlin, Technical Advisor
​Amanda Aylor
​Amy Eveler
​Michael Robertson/Manufactured Housing & KIBS
​Toya Spalding
​Field Staff Dale Spicer, Field Operations Manager ​502-229-5955
​Mandy Hayden ​502-321-8047
Amy Eveler ​606-584-0566
​Jim Bond ​502-287-2317
​Ken Milburn ​859-319-3600
Ric McNees, Supervisor ​859-595-0689
Joshua Wilson ​606-307-6783
​Ron Hampton ​606-424-6943
​Steve Hammock ​606-424-6945
​Barry Jones, Supervisor ​606-521-4211
​David Wilcox ​270-860-4925
​Jamie Christmas ​270-625-5859
​Michael Sullivan ​270-223-8699