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Division of Building Codes Enforcement
Building Codes Enforcement Staff

Refer to the territory m​ap for the counties that are served by each field staff inspector. 

Call the office at 502-573-0373 for additional information or to speak with the office staff.

​Support Staff ​Wendy Davis, Administrative Section Supervisor
​Angela Wilkins
Darletha Clark
Shelby Rutledge
Tori Short
​Technical Advisors/Plan Reviewers
Carey Graham, Technical Advisor
​Jeff Hogan, Technical Advisor
Keith Ramsay
​Michael Robertson/Manufactured Housing & KIBS
​Toya Spalding
John Armstrong
​Katherine Evans
​CP Luttrell​
Quentin Coleman
Kelsey Brewer

Kevin Carlin​
Rupa Gurung
​Jonathan Midkiff​