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Construction Plans

Division of Building Codes Enforcement
Building Code Forms

Adobe Acrobat Reader -- Documents on this page are in Adobe PDF format.  Click on the link to download a FREE copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader.   

Electronic Plan Submittal:  Information regarding Electronic Plan Submittal Guidelines.

Plan Application Form: This form is required for all plan review submittals.

Plan Application Form - Fireworks:  Plan application form for firework structures.

For registering fireworks, contact  502-573-1702 or Cynthia Tackett​.

Plan Review Fee Schedule: This form is a tool to help calculate fees for plan review, including architectural, sprinkler, fire alarm and range hoods.

KIBS Site Application Form: This form is required when an approved KIBS modular unit is being placed in Kentucky.

Affidavit of Assurances: This form is required to document that unemployment insurance and worker's compensation are being provided for project employees. This form can be submitted to the local building official at the time of permitting for state jurisdiction projects.

Plan Application Submittal Guide:​  This form describes the type of drawings that are required to be submitted for plan review and approval.

Fire Suppression Design Criteria: This form is required for all buildings that are going to install or add on to a sprinkler system. This form shall be submitted with the initial plan submittal.

Day Care Cooking Disclosure Form: This form is for the owner in charge to sign that indicates no one will conduct cooking that produces grease-laden vapors.

Public Funding Disclosure Form:  This form is used for projects that utilize public funds. This allows that certain submittals can be deferred provided that the design professional in charge takes responsibility for the deferred drawings designs.

Seismic Design Category Determination Form:  This form aids in the process of determining the seismic design category for a building or structure.

Single Family Dwelling New Construction Complaint Form: This form is for a complaint against a building official that was involved with the construction and or inspection(s) of a project. 


Model Approval Plan Application Form:  This is the form for approval of the model of the tent.

Site Placement Plan Application Form:  This is the form for the approval of where the tent is to be located and the site on which it is placed.

Fee Schedule Form: This is a form to calculate the fee for the application.

Temporary Structure Guidelines: This is a general guideline for the temporary structures to be placed in Kentucky.

Kentucky Tent Site Models Approved:  These are the tent models that have already been approved to be placed in Kentucky​.