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Division of Building Codes Enforcement
Building Codes

Local and Expanded Jurisdiction Programs
Local Inspection Program Requirements
The Kentucky Revised Statutes(KRS 198B) created a uniform, statewide building code within the boundaries of the Commonwealth and assigned specific enforcement responsibilities to the Department of Housing, Buildings and Construction (DHBC) and to each local government.
Each governmental entity engaged in a building inspection program shall have at least one Kentucky certified building inspector with the level of credentials required for the buildings covered by the program  responsible for all construction document approvals, inspections and issuance of certificates of occupancy for those buildings under their jurisdiction.  Visit the Kentucky Certified Building Inspector Program Web page to learn more about the program.
The DHBC must be assured that local governments have sufficient equipment and qualified personnel to provide the level of inspection and/or plan review functions as outlined within the statute. To view the information and guidelines for establishing first-time building inspection programs and to monitor existing programs select "Local Building Inspection Program" under Quick Links.  Each local government should complete the "Notice of Local Inspection Program" form and enter into a formal agreement with the department as described herein.  Any changes within those inspection programs should be submitted in writing to this office.
Expanded Jurisdiction Programs
Any local government may petition the executive director requesting that additional plan review functions, expanded jurisdiction, be allocated to that local government. Local expanded jurisdiction building programs are typically responsible for the review and inspection of construction projects that would normally be reviewed and inspected by the Division of Building Codes Enforcement. The granting of additional plan review and inspection does not include buildings having institutional, high hazard, state-licensed day care and in some cases educational occupancies. Construction projects such as these remain under the jurisdiction of the Division of Building Codes Enforcement. If a local building department is interested in applying for expanded jurisdiction, they must complete the "Expanded Jurisdiction Application Form" under Quick Links.
A roster of local governments currently having expanded jurisdiction is available under Quick Links.