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Event Tent

Kentucky Tent Program

The Kentucky Tent Program is designed to help streamline the approval and use of tents that are utilized and sited in the Commonwealth on a temporary basis (180 days maximum). The program is designed to first approve a model or line of tents from a manufacturer. Once the model tent approval is issued by this office, the tent shall be submitted for site placement approval. The tent model approval is a one-time approval until the tent or line of tents goes through a structural modification, then a subsequent tent model submission would be required to approve the new modification. When a tent has obtained model approval a separate site placement approval shall be obtained by state or local building departments. The site placement submittal is required each time a tent is to be erected, unless the tent(s) meets the definition of "private event" as defined by the Kentucky Building Code. 

Additional links to frequently asked questions, along with forms necessary for submittals are under Quick Links. If you have any questions regarding the program, contact Kevin Carlin at 502-573-1795.

Tent Model Approval Overview
Each manufacturer shall submit all tents in their inventory that will be bought, sold or placed in the state of Kentucky. The intent of the model approval is to streamline the approval process by only requiring one structural review of the tent. Once model approval has been issued, a site placement approval will not require structural drawings to be submitted.

Site Placement Approval
Site placement approval will be applied for at either the Division of Building Codes Enforcement when placed in a city or county that does not have a Level 1 building inspection program or if the tent's occupant load exceeds 100.  If a Level 1 building inspection program exists in the city or county, site placement approval can be obtained for tents with occupant loads of 100 or less. Tent(s) placed in a city or county having an expanded jurisdiction program shall be submitted to the local expanded jurisdiction program for review and approval. You may review the expanded jurisdiction roster by clicking on the Expanded Jurisdiction Roster.

Refer to Section 430.0 (Page 25) of the 2013 Kentucky Building Code for exceptions to site placement approval for private events.