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Frequently Asked Questions

When writing a check for state model approval or state site approval, who do I make the payment to?
A:  All checks shall be made payable to the Kentucky State Treasurer.

What is the minimum size of a tent that needs to be submitted for model approval?
A:  Tents having an area in excess of 400 square feet or more.

Q:  How do I determine if a site placement submittal is at the state or local building inspection program?
A:  If tent is located within the city limits call the mayor's office and see if there is a Level 1 local inspection program, if no Level 1 inspection program exists then site placement approval shall be at a state level.  If there is a Level 1 inspection program, the local building official can issue a site placement approval for occupant loads of 100 or less. For site placement in the county, contact the county judge executive and inquire the same as described above.

Q:  Can a local inspection program issue a model approval?
A:  No, the Division of Building Codes Enforcement issues all tent model approvals.

Q:  What is the fee for a tent model approval and site placement approval?
A:  Refer to Section 430.0 (Page 25) of the 2013 Kentucky Building Code or the forms page for a fee schedule for tents. The minimum fee for model approval is $250 for a single tent and $250 for a line of tents. The minimum fee for site placement approval is $125 for a single tent and for multiple tents there is a sliding fee scale. Refer to Table 430.4.1 (Page 25) of the 2013 Kentucky Building Code.

Q:  Are private events exempt from this site placement approval?
A:  Yes, if it meets the definition of "Private Event," which is defined as "any event that involves the use of temporary structures which are not open to the public, regardless of whether on public or private property, and do not charge an admission fee if occupied by less than 1,000 occupants."