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A construction site in Kentucky

Division of Building Codes Enforcement
Elevator Inspections

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does an inspection cost, and how often is an elevator required to be inspected?
Elevators and related equipment are inspected annually.  Please refer to the Fee Schedule Worksheet

Q: Who do I make the check out to for the annual inspection?
Kentucky State Treasurer.  Send payment to:
Department of Housing, Buildings and Construction
Elevator Inspection Section
101 Sea Hero Rd., Suite 100
Frankfort, KY 40601
Q: Why am I being sited for violations now and my elevator is an old lift?
We adopted ASME A17.3 (safety code for existing elevators and related equipment) in November 2000.  You must meet this code as a minimum.
Q: When do I report an elevator entrapment and/or incident?
A: Per 815 KAR 4:027, Section 2(1)(a), If a personal injury or death occurs from the use, attempted use, or maintenance of an elevator or fixed guideway system, the owner or owner's designee shall: (a) Immediately notify the department of the incident. The device must remain out of service until a state elevator inspector conducts an investigation.
Q: What is an annual safety test, a five-year full load safety test, and who performs these tests?
Elevator companies perform these tests and this includes testing the safety devices on your elevator.
Q: Am I required to have an annual inspection?
KRS 198B.470 requires every passenger elevator, escalator or moving walk be inspected by this office once every 12 months.  State inspectors conduct inspections under, on top of and inside the cab, and all related elevator operations.
Q: Are sump pumps required in elevator pits?
Yes, sump pumps or a drain in new elevators provided with firefighter's emergency operation.
Q: What time frame do you have to correct violations?
You have 30 days from the date the inspection was conducted. You may contact this office in writing to request an extension, and you must receive written approval from this office.
Q: Where is the invoice and certificate mailed to?
The invoice is mailed to the owner.  After payment is received the certificate will be mailed to the owner's address.  If there is a current balance on the invoice, this means that you have not paid for the previous year's inspection. You must pay the total amount before your certificate will be mailed.
Q: Why would my elevator be inspected more than once a year?
A: If an inspector finds a serious violation (life safety issue) or a violation that they have written up from a previous year that has not been corrected, then they will reinspect your device in 30 days. You will also be charged for this inspection.