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Assembling a modular home in Kentucky

Division of Building Codes Enforcement

**NOTICE**  The Department will soon be adopting the 2018 Kentucky Building Code and 2018 Kentucky Residential Code.  The codes will be based on the 2015 International Building Code and 2015 International Residential Code, both with some Kentucky specific amendments.  The amendments have been filed with the Legislative Research Commission and will be on their agenda in early June.

The proposed Kentucky amendments are as follow:

2018 Kentucky Building Code
2018 Kentucky Residential Code​

Follow the links below to the Propsed Amended Reguations:


Modular and Manufactured Housing

Training and Announcements:

The Kentucky Manufactured Housing Institute, in cooperation with the Manufactured Housing Section of Building Code Enforcement within the Department of Housing, Buildings and Construction, is providing online training opportunities to meet the requirements of becoming a certified installer or certified manager. To view the instructions for this online course click here.
Manufactured Housing Overview
The Manufactured Housing section is the State Administrative Agency (SAA) in contract with Housing Urban Development (HUD) to certify all new homes imported into and manufactured within the Commonwealth meet and comply with federal standards. 
The section licenses retailers of manufactured homes and recreational vehicles and issues certificates of acceptability to manufacturer's of homes to do business with the Commonwealth. Also, the section certifies installers of manufactured homes to set homes to the standards required by statutes and regulations.
As an SAA, the section is required to respond to any complaint filed in regard to manufactured housing. It inspects "used" units, either manufactured homes or recreational vehicles, entering the Commonwealth titled in other states for the purpose of titling within the Commonwealth. It also is involved in communities and mobile home parks when local health departments or fire departments request assistance to life safety issues.
If you have any questions in regard to manufacturing housing reviews or inspections email Shawnna McMichael or phone 502-573-1795.
Modular Buildings Overview
The Modular section is responsible for reviewing and approving modular buildings that are constructed  of any size or use, all or any component parts of which are of closed construction made from precast concrete panels or precut wood sections fabricated to individual specifications in an off-site manufacturing facility and assembled in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. These types of buildings are known as Kentucky Industrialized Buildings (KIBS).  The review process is broken down into two parts: Model Approval and Site Placement Approval.
  • Model Approval
    To obtain model approval an authorized KIBS modular manufacturer submits a set of construction documents for each model that the manufacturer wants to be placed in Kentucky. The plans are reviewed in accordance with the current adopted building code. Once approved the model is allowed to be shipped to the Commonwealth. Only one approval is required for each model type per building code adoption cycle. When the state adopts a new code edition the model approval must be repeated. Inspections of these factory-built modular units are conducted in the factory by an approved third-party inspection agency. To learn more about how to become an authorized KIBS modular manufacturer, click on the Forms link on the right side of this page.
  • Site Placement Approval
    Before an approved modular unit can be placed in the Commonwealth a site placement approval must be obtained. This site placement approval shall be required every time a particular approved model is being placed in the Commonwealth. A set of site construction details shall be submitted for review and approval. These drawings shall include, but not limited to a site plan, pier/foundation details, tie down details and all site built details for stairs and ramps.  If you have any questions about site placement approval, email Mike Robertson or phone 502-573-1795.