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Assembling a modular home in Kentucky

Division of Building Codes Enforcement
Modular and Manufactured Housing

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Who inspects my home to make sure it is properly installed?
A: Inspectors from Building Code Enforcement, Manufactured Housing Section will perform the inspection when an inspection is requested.
Q: If I have a problem with my home during the first year who do I call?
A: First call the retailer or the manufacturer of the home. If they do not fix the problem, call the Manufactured Housing Section and request a Consumer Complaint Form.
Q: What issues do the inspectors address?
A: Inspectors from this office will address issues that affect performance of the home, but not cosmetic issues.  For example, electrical problems and bowed floors, but not things like mismatched paint, loose trim or trim that is cut wrong.
Q: How long is it going to take to get my house fixed?
A: The manufacturer/retailer has 20 working days (one month) to determine what must be done to correct legitimate issues.  This doesn’t mean that they must have the house fixed in that time, only that they develop a plan of remediation and notify this office.  If you have not heard from the retailer within that month call the Division of Building Codes Enforcement at 502-573-0373 and advise us that you have heard nothing.
Q: What is the most important part of home buying?
A: Get everything that you and the retailer have agreed upon in writing.  For example, we cannot help you get an air conditioner that you have been promised unless you have it in your sales agreement.
Q: How long is my warranty valid?
A: Most manufacturers have a one-year written warranty on the construction of the home.  However, appliances may have a longer warranty through the appliance manufacturer.  Also, the components of the roof have a five-year warranty through the manufacturer of the roofing material.  Kentucky has only an implied warranty on homes.  There are no warranties on used homes.
Q: Where do I turn for help if there are issues that the Manufactured Housing Section can’t help me solve?
A: Your only other recourses are to contact the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development or to take civil action in court.
Q: Who can legally install/set up my home?
A: Kentucky requires the home to be set up by a Kentucky certified installer.  You can not set up your home, but you are allowed to pour the concrete foundation.  If you pour the foundation, it must be inspected by this office before the retailer can legally install your home.
Q: When do I need a "B" seal inspection?
A: "B" seal inspections are required on used mobile and manufactured homes when they have been 1) purchased out of state, 2) when you don’t have a title to it, 3) when it has been moved from one location to another, and 4) some local jurisdictions require the inspection before they will hook up utilities.  The “B” seal inspection is a life safety inspection and looks at emergency egress routes, electrical hardware, water and sewer connections, smoke alarms and appliances.
Q: Which brand of home is the best?
A: This office can not recommend one manufacturer over another.  Buying a manufactured home is much like buying an automobile. You can buy compact, midsize or full size, and you can purchase lesser quality, medium quality or expensive.  A lot depends on your taste and the amount of money you are willing to spend.