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Electrical Inspections

The Electrical Inspection section inspects all state-owned or leased property, including each building being constructed by the state under the authority of the Finance and Administration Cabinet. These types of facilities shall be inspected by a certified electrical inspector who is an employee of the state.  
State-owned or leased property includes state universities, vocational schools, state parks, state hospitals, state fairgrounds, traffic signals, beacons, lighting, roadway, highway lighting, and state garages and barns.

If you need to determine if a project is state owned or state leased or if you need to set up an appointment to have a state-owned or state-leased property inspected call Kathy Harrod at 502-573-2002.
The Commonwealth of Kentucky has adopted and will be using and enforcing statewide the 2017 National Electrical Code (NEC) effective January 1, 2019.

Fee Schedule for Electrical Inspections.​​