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Electrical Inspections

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Who needs an electrical license?
A. Anyone who performs new construction and rewiring of existing structures;  installs electrical wiring equipment devices, light fixtures, services and meter bases.
Q. How do I get a contractor back to finish a project?
A. First, you need to get a detailed list of work to be performed and how payments are to be made.  Remember, never make a final payment until an electrical inspector performs an inspection and you have a copy of the certificate of compliance.
Q. Where can I get the latest edition of the National Electric Code?
A. You can purchase them from most electrical supply businesses, bookstores or the National Fire Prevention Association by calling 1-800-344-3555 or the International Association of Electrical Inspectors at 1-800-786-4234.  The Electrical Division does not sell the code book. 
Q.  Where can I take the test for an electrical inspection certification? 
A. The testing agency, International Code Council (ICC), can be contacted at 1-877-234-6082 or on the Web at
Q.  Are all electrical inspectors state employees?
A. All electrical inspectors are state certified, but they are not employed by the state.  There are only eight state-employed electrical inspectors.  The rest are private inspectors and should carry a card that states they are not state employees.
Q.  How do I know if a contractor has a required license?
A. Ask to see the current license.  If in doubt, call 502-573-2002 to verify that the license is current. 
Q. What if I have a problem with an inspector?
A. If a problem pertains to his/her job performance and integrity, call the Electrical Division at 502-573-2002.  If the problem relates to his/her personality or rudeness,  file a complaint with the local county judge/executive or mayor.
Q. What if an electrical inspector is inconsistent with his/her fees?
A. Contact the local county judge within the county that the electrical work is being conducted.
Q. What qualifications are required to be an electrical inspector?
A. You must have five years experience in residential, commercial and industrial wiring and take the National Certification Program for Construction Code Inspectors (NCPCCI) examination.