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Licensing Forms

Application Checklists

Fee Schedule​

Electrical Contractors License Application

Electrical License Application​

Electrical License Reciprocity Application

Provisional Electrician's License Application​​​​

Electrical License Forms

Electrical Contractors License Application - EL-2​
Electrical License Application - EL-3
Electrical Training Program Application - EL-6​
Electrical Inspector Application - E-11
Provisional Electrician License Application - E14​

Elevator License Forms

Elevator Contractor License Application - EV-3​
Elevator Mechanic License Application - EV-4

HVAC License Forms

Master Contractor License Application - HVAC 1
Journeyman Application - HVAC 2
Apprentice Registration - HVAC 3

Plumbing/Boiler License Forms

Master Plumber License Application - PLB-1
Journeyman Plumber License Application - PLB-2
Boiler Contractor License Application - PLB-BPV-1
Owner Facility License Application - PLB-BPV-2
Owners Piping Inspector License Application - PLB-BPV-3
Independent Inspection Agency License Application - PLB-BPV-4
Letter of Representation​
Letter of Dis-representation​​

Manufactured Home/Recreational Vehcile & Certified Installer

Application for Certificate of Acceptability - MH&RV-1
KIBS Plan Submission Application Guide
Request for Approval to Inspect - MH&RV-2
License and Certification Renewal Application - MH&RV-3
Application for Manufactured Home Retailer License - MH-2
Certified Installer Application - MH-3
Recreational Vehicle Retailer Application - RV-2
Temporary RV Retailer's License - RV-6