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Division of HVAC
Continuing Education

In the coming months we will be t​ransitioning to one location for the continuing education calendars, but in the meantime please make sure that you check both the calendars below as well as the calendars in the quick link section to find the most up-to-date calendars.

February CE Calendar​

March CE Calendar​

April CE Calendar​

Online Providers

Continuing education is a crucial part of any vocational trade. HVAC is no exception. In fact, with ongoing technological developments and advancements, it is imperative. 

Each year a variety of courses is available for credit. These courses are available across the state and are hosted by a number of reputable instructors and providers.  

Pursuant to KRS 198B.650-689 and 815 KAR 8:050 Section 1(1) and Section 2(1), both master HVAC contractors and journeymen HVAC mechanics "shall provide proof of completion of at least eight hours of approved continuing education prior to license renewal."

Pursuant to KRS 198B.650-689 and 815 KAR 8:050 Section 1(2) and Section 2(2), "The required continuing education shall be completed by licensee within the 12 months preceding renewal." 
For more information on HVAC continuing education and related requirements, contact Kathy Harrod​, 502-573-2002.