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Division of HVAC
HVAC Enforcement

All inspectors employed with the division have extensive experience in and knowledge of the HVAC trade. Each is licensed with the division as prescribed by the Commonwealth and acts as an authoritative agent in virtually all areas of heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

The duties and responsibilities of the Commonwealth's licensed HVAC inspectors are vast and include not only adhering to and upholding laws and regulations but doing so also with various building codes. These codes were written and adopted as a means of creating a high standard for the construction industry and all of those associated with it.

Our inspectors have the authority and final interpretation of the 2018 Kentucky Building Code and the 2018 Kentucky Residential Code with respect to HVAC-related matters. By conducting formal inspections of installations, both the contractor and homeowner have the security and knowledge that the system(s) in question are code compliant.

Through code compliance and enforcements, our inspectors act as agents through which the department can continue protecting our communities.

The division welcomes any inquiries regarding code enforcement and encourages you to contact your local area HVAC inspector if there is suspicion of violation.

For more information on code enforcement, email Danny Allen, field operations manager.

Local Jurisdictions: There are 17 local programs across the state that have been granted local HVAC jurisdiction. If your concern or inquiry pertains to one of these programs, contact the respective local authority for more information. Click on the Quick Links for a list of programs, duties and related contact information.