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Division of HVAC
HVAC Licenses

This information is designed to help acquaint all applicants with the requirements and procedures necessary to obtain the proper licensure or registration as required by Kentucky HVAC license law and regulations (KRS 198B.650-689).

**Effective April 2014 examinations, references for the Kentucky HVAC exams will update to the 18th or 19th edition of Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, and the 5th or 7th edition of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology.**

**Effective October 2014 examinations, references for the Kentucky HVAC exams will update to the 2012 International Mechanical Code.**

Reciprocity: Currently, the only state with which the Commonwealth of Kentucky has a reciprocal agreement is Ohio. If you possess a valid Ohio mechanical contractor license, you may be eligible to reciprocate with Kentucky to obtain a Kentucky master HVAC license without meeting certain requirements. For more information, contact our office at the number below.
Click on the license type to access the corresponding application.
Individuals in the process of learning the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) trade must be under the general supervision of a master HVAC contractor and must be under the direct supervision of a journeyman HVAC mechanic. The application must show the signature of the master HVAC contractor.
Individuals who are knowledgeable and skilled to install, maintain, remodel and repair HVAC systems meeting the requirements of Kentucky HVAC codes and standards may be eligible for this license type. A journeyman mechanic may work independently within the range of the license under the supervision of a Kentucky master HVAC contractor.  All Journeyman applicants must verify that they have worked for not less than two years and 3,000 work hours under the direction and general supervision of a Kentucky master HVAC contractor.
Master HVAC Contractor:​
Those individuals who desire to contract for and engage in the business of HVAC contracting and are familiar with the requirement of Kentucky HVAC law, codes and regulations may be eligible for this license type. Applicants must hold a valid Kentucky journeyman HVAC mechanic license for not less than two years to be considered. See below for additional application requirements. Master applicants must verify that they have held a Journeyman HVAC Mechanic's license (not a limited duct or installer) for at least two years and been under the direction and general supervision of a master HVAC contractor.
Please note: All applications must be certified to show the applicant is not less than 18 years of age and regularly and principally employed or engaged in the HVAC trade.

Additionally, all HVAC application fees are prorated according to the applicant's birth month. The fee structure can be found on the last page of each license application. The only exception is the apprentice registration for which no application fee is required.
All checks sent to the division must be made payable to the Kentucky State Treasurer.  If not, they will be returned.
For more information on license activation or renewal, please contact Kimberly Manns by phone at 502-782-0682 or email Kimberly Manns​.