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Kentucky Certified Building Inspector Program

A person shall not engage in any inspection activities for the enforcement of the Kentucky Building Code, or the Kentucky Residential Code as adopted within the Kentucky Building Code for application to one- and two-family dwellings and townhouses, unless that person is currently enrolled with the office and has otherwise complied with the requirements of 815 KAR 7:070.

KRS 198B.090 (1)(a) requires the Department of Housing, Buildings and Construction to create and administer a building inspector's certification program, which is designed to ensure uniform statewide enforcement of applicable state building codes. The administrative regulation, 815 KAR 7:070, establishes the testing, training and continuing education requirements for qualifying persons to become inspectors for the enforcement of the Kentucky Building Code, and to identify the level of their responsibilities for this enforcement. The various levels of certification and the tests necessary to achieve each level of certification is explained within the regulation.

The regulations speak specifically to test modules administered through the National Certification Program for Construction Code Inspectors (NCPCCI).  However, since November 2004 the department has accepted the certification exams administered through the International Code Council (ICC) as equivalent to the listed NCPCCI exams. Though equivalent, the ICC exams are organized differently than the NCPCCI exams. To see a side-by-side comparison of the NCPCCI exams versus ICC exams, click the following link - KBICP.

To become a candidate for certification, a person shall submit:

  1. A completed HBC BC/CP-1 Initial Application Form for Kentucky Building Code Inspectors Certification Program. 
  2. A $50 application fee.
  3. Written proof that the applicant has met the followings requirements.
  4. Graduated from high school or earned a general education diploma, and
  • Two years experience in a responsible, directly related construction position, such as a foreman, which required the ability to effectively read and interpret building plans and specifications; or
  • Two years experience in an architect's or engineer's office performing building design or drafting duties; or
  • Graduated from a college or university with an associate degree in a design or construction related subject; or
  • Graduated from a college or university with a bachelor's degree in architecture, engineering, fire science or building technology.